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Holden Vehicle Reviews

Review: Holden Spark LS
The Holden Spark is unashamedly marketed towards young (or young-at-heart) drivers. But is the Spark a good fit for a modern driver in the 21st century?

Review: Holden Captiva LTZ
Buyers looking at the Captiva were previously given the choice of the Captiva 5 or Captiva 7, with three grades among the two. Now though, the separation has been ended – the two models reunited as the Captiva.

Review: Holden Insignia VXR
Holden will become a full-line importer by 2018, with an entirely new model range by 2020 – and the Insignia VXR is one of the first models to come from overseas with a dancing lion badge. We got into the Insignia to find out if the Insignia is up to scratch for Australia.

Review: Holden Commodore SS-V Redline
he Australian-built Commodore is dead; long live the Australian-built Commodore. Although the name will live on, many worry about the essence of a car so quintessentially Australian. On the heels of the boss at Holden declaring that V8 rear-wheel drive cars are effectively dead in Australia, we took out what could possibly be the last big V8 to come from the Lion brand to test it out.

Review: 2013 Holden VF Commodore SV6
The 2013 Holden VF Commodore SV6, a car that has been long anticipated by customers is finally here. Not only is there is a visual update on the outside; on the inside there is essentially a brand new car. This is a brand new car that will surprise and perform better than the car you have come to know previously.

Review: MY14 Holden Trax
The Holden Trax for Holden marks the return to the compact SUV market (the small 4WD but isn’t 4WD market) which it left back in 2006 with the original Holden Cruze.

Review: 2013 Holden Barina CDX Hatch
The Holden Barina has been the name that will forever be dear to most as their first car since its introduction in 1985 to Australia. Fast forwarding to 2013 and the Barina has certainly grown up. Not just in size, but also in sophistication.

Video Review: 2013 Holden Colorado
The 2013 Holden Colorado is not just bigger and better when it comes to looks, but under the hood there are some great new additions.

Review: 2014 Holden Colorado 7
Whether it is on red dirt, black rock, or white sand, the Colorado 7 has been designed to get you there and back again with 6 other passengers. The 2014 Holden Colorado 7 has a total focus on off-road capability for an entry-level asking price. There are two variants, the entry-level LT and the top end LTZ. Both of these have a 2.8L turbo diesel engine that produces 147kW of power and a massive 500Nm of torque.

Review: 2014 Holden Captiva 7
In 2014, there are wide number of 7 seater vehicles available for families that need a little more space and flexibility for their day to day duties. There are people movers, hardcore 4×4’s and soft-roading SUV’s offering to meet those needs. Stepping up to be reviewed this time is Holden’s second largest 7 seat SUV is the Captiva 7, sitting below the much larger 4×4 Colorado 7.

Review 2014 Holden Barina Spark
If you want to shift from the sameness of other small cars, it could very well be the Barina Spark that stands out for all of the right reasons. It has a hint of sportiness, bright colours in and out, and a host of standard safety features. Features like Bluetooth, CD/MP3 and USB input with iPod compatibility are sure to keep the show going on the road.

Review: VF Holden Ute SS-V Redline
Naturally, we look at Holden’s flagship and unofficial Nurburgring record holder, the SS V Redline. Powered by a cracking 6.0-litre V8, producing 270kW (260kW in the auto), and filled to the brim with features, it’s more than just a work utility. It’s a tool for the toys too.

Review 2014 HSV GTS
It’s the last hurrah for the Commodore based HSV, and the 2014 HSV Gen-F GTS is going to make sure it is the very best. The sedan with some serious attitude is powered by a push-rod LSA V8 engine borrowed from the Camaro that has been pumped up to produce a fear inducing 430kW of power and 740Nm of torque.

Review: 2014 Holden Malibu
It has a smaller footprint than the Holden Commodore, and a roomier cabin than the Holden Cruze. The Holden Malibu slides right into the middle of the two in nearly all aspects, so why should you look at the Malibu?