Motorama Capped Price Servicing is available on every used car

A regular servicing schedule will help to ensure the maximum performance, economy and longevity from your car.  

Motorama has factory trained technicians using specialised factory diagnostics machines to ensure we can fix it right, first time, every time.

Your $99 Standard Service includes:

1. Check and replace with genuine factory oil filter^ 

2. Replace / top up to 5 litres of premium Shell oil

3. Inspection report

4. Check all cooling system hoses for condition

5. Check radiator for condition and air flow restriction

6. Check coolant level and specific gravity

7. Check battery clamp, terminals for security and corrosion

8. Check wiper blades and washer operation, top up fluid level
    in reservoir as required

9. Check exhaust system for damage and correct fitment

10. Check and report on fluid leaks

11. Check all external light operation and light fitting quality

12. Check all internal light operation, including dash and heater controls

13. Check for safe operation of all suspension and steering components

14. Check all engine and transmission mountings

15. Check and report on all driveline components for safety and security,
      including driveshafts, wheel bearings and tailshaft

16. Check horn and central locking operation

17. Check speedometer and odometer for correct operation

18. Check and report on tyre condition, correct size and load
      rating including wear estimate

19. Check and adjust all tyre pressures including spare

20. Check and report on brake pads and rotor condition, remaining
      wear estimates

21. Check and report on brake and clutch fluid condition

22. Check and report on brake drum, brake shoe and hydraulic cylinder
      condition and wear estimate

23. Check all brake lines for security and condition

24. Check bonnet release and safety catch operation

25. Check boot release and lock operation

26. Check correct operation of all rear view mirrors

27. Check air conditioning system performance and report vent
      temperature achieved on test

28. Check condition and operation of all seat belts

29. Check for correct operation on road test of drivetrain

30. Check on road test for any abnormal noises or vibrations

31. Check air filter

32. Check accessory drive belts for condition

33. Check cooling fan operation

^ Franchise models only. Offer via voucher redemption (voucher issued at time of taking ownership of vehicle).

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