Wheel Balance and Rotation

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You might have heard of the terms wheel balance and rotation before, but when it comes to your vehicle, what do they mean? And how often should you have this process carried out to ensure your car remains in top condition?

Why rotate your tyres?

Rotating your tyres is a simple process that, when done regularly, can help to ensure the treads wear more evenly. On front-wheel-drive vehicles, the front tyres can experience considerably more wear and tear than the back ones - mainly because they absorb most of the impact of braking and steering.

Some experts advise rotating the back and front tyres separately on front-wheel-drive cars, while for four-wheel-drive vehicles, the tyres can be rotated around the car.

How often?

While opinions vary about how often tyres should be rotated, the general consensus is roughly once every 10,000 kms. However, wear and tear on your tyres can also be affected by a range of other factors, including the conditions you drive in and the average distance you travel in a single trip.

Who can help?

Your local Motorama car service centre can advise you on the best tyre rotation schedule for your vehicle, and can also ensure your tyres are balanced. Wheel balancing should be carried out every time you rotate your tyres or put new tyres on your car to prevent premature wear and tear. This process is especially important if you drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle or you do a lot of off-road driving.

When you seek out car servicing in Brisbane, you can rest assured that the service professionals at Motorama will go the extra mile to make sure your tyres are well-cared for, and ensure your safety on the road. 

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