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What is KDSS?

Kinetic Dynamic Suspension Systems (KDSS) are a type of suspension control developed by Kinetic Pty Ltd in Western Australia.

But what is it and why should you care if your car is fitted with it?

What is it?

KDSS is basically a hydraulic suspension system, where the two sides of the vehicle are joined by a stabiliser bar in the centre. When you drive on an uneven surface, the stabiliser bar disengages so that the wheels can travel independently, to hold the road better - where as in a vehicle without KDSS, this would cause the car to rollover.

KDSS allows the wheels to travel further, independent of each other, in order to maximise the articulation (flexibility) of the axles to keep the tyres in contact with the ground. This is great in heavy duty Four Wheel Drives like the Toyota Landcruiser 200 or the Landcruiser Prado which need to handle vastly uneven terrain in the bush. It has also been adopted by some high-end sports cars as a way to give a more precise, stable ride on uneven roads around town.

Do I need it?

So do you need KDSS? It’s important to know how you use your car in order to answer that question.

If you ever go off-road, then KDSS is a must-have. It gives you more control in tricky situations, especially in rough terrain.

If you use it mainly for towing a boat, caravan or trailer, you can probably live without KDSS – but it does help to stabilise some of the inevitable sway that comes with towing an extra load behind you.

Another thing to know is that KDSS sometimes removes the option of a factory-fitted long-range fuel tank, at least on the Land Cruiser 200. This will reduce the distance you can travel on a single tank, especially after hitching a caravan or boat to the back.

To find out more, or to put KDSS to the test, come down to Motorama and have a chat with our knowledgeable sales and service staff, and get behind the wheel of car fitted with one of the most innovative suspension controls ever.