Motorama Parking Fines Fees Penalty Infringement Park Car

Parking in the city with a 4WD

Going into Brisbane City with your car, not only do you have to squeeze into a basement carpark – but also budget for a small fortune to leave your vehicle in there.

If you’re taking your 4X4 into town, we found the best parking spots to keep your rig.

If you’ve got a ute or 4WD, even a people mover, you have to be aware of how tall your car is when you go to park. Particularly if you have extras such as roof racks, a bike, travel pod, light bars or even a tall antenna, you might be locked out of certain garages in the city.

Motorama Parking Fines Fees Penalty Infringement Park Car

For example, a Kia Carnival is 1.74m tall (1.755m with a factory fitted roof rack) so if you’re going into a carpark with a maximum height of under two metres, and you’ve already got some luggage on the roof – you might struggle to make it in and out without scraping the top or even being too tall to fit.

Compare that to a Ford Everest, which is already 1.837m tall – and that’s without bigger off-road tyres or any accessories that might push you taller – and you’ve got to consider how you’re going to get around in the city. Luckily, the Motorama 4X4XMORE team are always in travelling around in utes and 4WDs, so they decided to share their secret spots to score a space.

Suncorp Stadium

Broncos, Reds and Roar home games and big events always draw a crowd to Milton but getting in and out can be a nightmare. Event parking around the Stadium is often full – not to mention the jam once everyone heads home or out to Caxton St.

Parking at the Transit Centre at Roma Street to catch the train or walk over makes more sense; as there is much less traffic when getting out, plus there are dedicated bays for 4WDs – the perfect fit for vehicles up to 2.0m (especially if you’ve packed the car to come in!)

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Parking in the city means having to navigate one-way streets as well as dodge delivery trucks, taxis and pedestrians all milling around.

But if you have to get into the city to do some shopping, or go out for dinner, the Myer Centre Carpark is a cheap parking option (if you pre-book online) for cars up to 2.0m but if you’ve got an even larger car the garage at the Secure Parking garage at 480 Ann Street has a clearance of 2.3m – tall enough for most cars, vans and 4WDs.

South Bank

If you’re headed over to chill on the banks of the Brisbane River, hit QPAC or dinner on Grey Street, South Bank can be a nightmare to get a park on the street – and unless you’re seeing a movie, there aren’t too many budget friendly options for drivers looking to stay more than a couple of hours.

The Secure Parking garage at 192 Vulture St may be down on the Mater Hospital end of South Bank, but with a (pre-booked) $5.00 flat rate: a short walk into all the restaurants and sights is worth it – although, you might want to drop off any very young passengers, or those with high heels who might not make the walk back after a night out! Plus, with a height restriction up to 2.2m - even a vehicle loaded to the gills should be able to fit underneath.

To find out how tall your car is, talk to the expert sales teams at Motorama who can answer any question about your new car.