Lions FC earns $900 from Motorama Community Partnership Program

The purchase of a car through Motorama’s Community Partnership Program will help the Lions to revitalize their club, building up the future football stars of Australia.

For every car, new or used, that Lions FC members purchase – Motorama will give $300 straight to the club’s junior development program!

The Lions FC has already put a portion of these funds towards gear that will assist the juniors, who across a number of grades have made the finals, with promotional banners. The remaining funds have gone towards the upgrade of two sets of goal nets that will no doubt see lots of action from the hundreds of players at the club.


Since 2010, Motorama Community Partnership Program coordinator Jordan Macleod has served as a coach for the juniors at Lions FC, as well as a player for the historic club. His aim is to see the club continue its success in developing star players that he has been witness to over the last four years.

Since their inception as Hollandia-Inala Soccer Club in 1957, the Lions have been at the forefront of football in Brisbane, with the premiership trophies to prove it and the Brisbane Roar springing from their ranks straight into the A-League.

Motorama has a long history in supporting the community, and our partnership with the Richlands Lions FC is another chapter in our ongoing support of Brisbane and the surrounding area. For further details to help support the Lions FC juniors, go to