Motorama Brisbane Traffic Police QLD

Report prangs to the police on your phone

So you’ve been in a crash and everyone’s moved to a safe part of the road. Normally in a prang where no one is injured; you’d swap information for your insurance, and then call the police within 24 hours to let them know on 131 444.

The new PoliceLink app is freeing up police to deal with more serious incidents, by letting you report minor crashes through your smart phone or tablet.

Available for Apple and Android devices, the app allows drivers to alert police and leave a crash site without any more inconvenience than they’ve already suffered in an accident.

Motorama Brisbane Traffic Police QLD

The PoliceLink app removes the need for police to attend the scene of relatively minor crashes, where there has only been damage to a vehicle or property – you can handle it with the other party and your respective insurance companies.

And of course, if a crash is more serious, caused major congestion or significant damage to public infrastructure (such as boom gates), required one or more vehicle to be towed, or caused over $2,500 worth of property damage (other than to the driver’s vehicle) – you cannot leave the scene, and the police must attend.

The app also allows you to report hoons – who may be causing a risk to (and annoying) other road users. The ‘Hoon Hotline’ option links you to 134 666 number to report illegal street racers, drivers travelling at illegally high speeds, drivers playing excessively loud music, burnout offences, speedboat hooning as well as drink drivers.

To download the app, get it for free on iTunes (on iPhone and iPad) or Google Play. If you don’t have a smart device, you can always report non-urgent police issues to 131 444. 

And of course, if you do need urgent police assistance, call 000 or 112 from digital mobile phones.