QLD Cycling Laws

QLD Cycling Laws and you

Love them or hate them, cyclists have to share the road and drivers have to take care around them.

As of January 1, Queensland has ‘cleared up’ what cyclists can and can’t do on the road – and the new laws affect all cyclists and road users.

Motorists are still required to give 1m distance between themselves and a cyclist – increasing to 1.5m in zones over 60km/h and cyclists must always ride with traffic in their direction of travel.

Cyclists are no longer obliged to ride in designated bicycle lanes – and can choose to ride on the road. While bicycle lanes are generally safer, it’s no longer illegal if a rider travels on the road.

QLD Cycling Laws

This travel outside of bicycle lanes also extends to the entry of a bicycle storage area (in front of the lights where cyclists wait.) Riders don’t have to enter these areas from a bicycle lane.

Cyclists may also now enter and use single-lane roundabouts like any other road user – in order to make it safer for riders to exit without accident.

At zebra crossings, cyclists no longer have to dismount to cross, as long as riders come to a complete stop first, then:

  • proceed slowly and safely
  • give way to any pedestrian on the crossing
  • keep to the left of any oncoming bicycle rider or person who is using a personal mobility device.
Make sure you’re aware of the new laws going into the new year, so you can take care at all times on the road.