Motorama Capped Price Servicing

Holden Capped Price Servicing: Now for life!

Capped price servicing schemes are now in vogue with car manufacturers across Australia.

Not to be outdone, Holden has upped its HoldenWise Capped Price Servicing to include every car that Holden has ever sold in Australia since 1948.

The first name in Australian cars has launched the largest capped price servicing program down under, covering nearly 2 million cars on the road.


Depending on the vehicle, your cost will vary. Service intervals are set on how you drive – if you use your car a lot (over 380km per week), you should probably service your car every 15,000km. If you just use your car to get from A to B, Holden recommends visiting the service workshop every 9 months to keep everything ticking over.

Luckily you can see the price list for your exact car, from its first service up to 990,000km.

What services are covered?

The program covers all items specified under the standard service schedules for normal operating conditions for each vehicle type.

Your car will either receive a scheduled service according to the distance travelled, or the ‘Essential’ service, which covers all the basics including engine oil, oil filter replacement, multi point vehicle inspection and tyre rotation if required.

The capped price includes parts, labour, fluids and any applicable workshop charges. So as a Holden owner you can enjoy great value and no surprises for the entire life of your vehicle.

What services aren’t covered?

Anything that requires additional servicing depending on the operating conditions as detailed in the Service and Warranty Booklet will not be covered under the capped price.

Normal wear and tear of items that you can maintain at home will also not be covered. This includes things like the battery, fuses, brake pads, tyres, wheel alignment adjustments and wiper blades.

The air-conditioner pollen filter is not covered under the capped price, nor is any additional fluids or additives apart from those set out in your Service and Warranty Booklet.

If you’ve fitted non-genuine Holden parts and accessories, and they cause damage to your car – you’ll have to foot the bill without the capped price program. This also extends to accident damage to the body, chassis or driveline components.

Which models are covered?

Every Holden from 1948 is covered under the new scheme, and is fully transferable to each owner. Holden has committed to servicing every car they’ve ever sold in Australia – from classic FJ Holden’s all the way up to the current line-up in showrooms. No matter when you bought it, the factory trained service technicians will be able to maintain your car.

The program cannot cover Holden’s that aren’t registered, are used as a government vehicle or rental vehicle.

Holden’s capped price servicing program is a way for you to know exactly what your standard, scheduled service costs are going to be – ahead of time, so you can save and budget.

Motorama’s two Holden dealerships have service specials available periodically, in addition to the newly launched capped price servicing program. Visit the expert service technicians at Motorama City Holden HSV or Motorama Holden HSV Springwood to keep your Holden running as it should.