A week in the Global Care Van

At Motorama, we have the great opportunity to assist in mobilising groups and helping them, help others. 

The Global Care group, who runs the ‘Mates Helping Mates’ initiative, have been able to continue their work of helping in the post-flood and tornado affected areas of Bundaberg and Burnett Heads. 

Given a number of vehicles were lost or written off following the floods, Motorama provided the use of a Toyota HiAce Van to provide a very practical way to help those affected. 

To get an insight into what our van has been doing to support Global Care’s initiatives, we’ve outlined just how much the ‘Mates Helping Mates’ initiative does with this van in a typical week.


Bread is distributed to the homeless.


Fruit, vegies and bread are distributed to the homeless.


Bread and produce is delivered to the agencies operating for those in need in the area.


Family services for approximately 135 families are operated. It is a low-cost food store where clients are able to come and shop. Normally the demand is so high, lines start forming at 7am for the 9am opening time.

The van assists in bringing clients who are further away from the food store, and taking them back home again.

Friday Morning: 

Selected participants are taken to Genisis, which is a long-term unemployment project run in conjunction with a local employment agency.  This project provides activities that will assist with confidence building and skills to assist participants to find work.

Friday Afternoon:

The van collects young people who are participating in youth activities designed to not only teach some great life skills, but also provide some fun.


On weekend’s, the van is used for various programs as required to support various projects.

Motorama’s van operates practically everyday of the week and assists countless people as they try to regain some normality. 

These devastated communities need practical on the ground help in rebuilding and establishing some normality back into their lives. Motorama are proud to have been supporting the Global Care group and the ‘Mates Helping Mates’ initiative.