Motorama Great Tastes: Roasted Garlic Mashed Cauliflowers

Posted by Daniel Backhaus
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The rains haven’t dampened the quality of most fruit and vegetables at the Brisbane Produce Market – with broccoli and cauliflower falling to bargain prices, joining other affordable vegetables such as carrots, onions, pumpkin and sweet corn.


To capitalize on the price of cauliflowers, here’s a recipe for roasted garlic mashed cauliflowers or fauxtatoes from that will look great on any plate – especially on a Meatless Monday!

Whether you’re looking to disguise the veggies for the kids or if you just want to cut back on your carb intake – these are sure to do the trick.  


Ingredients to serve 4

1 Head cauliflower; cut into florets

2 tablespoons garlic; roasted

½ teaspoon Black pepper

2 dashes hot sauce

¼ cup Milk; as required

½ cup Potato flakes; -optional

1 tablespoon Margarine 


Roast garlic in 180degree Celsius oven for approximately 40 minutes, covered with foil.

Bring large pot of water to boiling. Add 1 tablespoon of salt. Boil cauliflower for about 8minutes or until completely cooked through but not mushy. Drain well. 

In food processor or blender, add the drained cauliflower and remaining ingredients. Puree.

Note: Use of the potato flakes add a potato like flavor without adding too many undesired carbs.

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