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What's Toyota Service Advantage?

Capped Price Servicing programs are pretty standard nowadays, but when you’re Australia’s biggest selling car brand, it helps to have a program that makes sure that your first years of ownership are trouble free.

If you buy any new or demonstrator Toyota model, Toyota Service Advantage covers you for up to the first four years of ownership. So if you buy anything from a Yaris up to a Coaster bus, you don’t have to worry about the service costs ballooning for up to the first four years or up to 75,000km (depending on the model’s scheduled servicing intervals.)

For example, servicing a Corolla will cost you $140 for the first 6 scheduled services for up to three years. Service intervals on the Corolla are every 6 months or 10,000km. You can also check how much a new car models capped price servicing will be when you’re comparing vehicles.

Toyota Service Advantage is included entirely in your driveaway price, so you don’t have to factor in any extra fees, charges or payments when you do come in for service. Just book your appointment, pay the capped price and then drive away. No labour charges or ‘surprise’ parts and accessories fitted – just Toyota Genuine Parts or Accessories fitted by authorised Toyota service technicians.

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What is covered?

It varies between models and depends on the scheduled service, but generally, Toyota Service advantage covers all the items specified under the ‘Maintenance for Normal Operating Conditions’ in the Warranty and Service Logbook’s service schedule.

The capped price services include the inspection and adjustment of all the items listed under the schedule, Toyota Genuine Parts, labour and fluids required at each of the scheduled service intervals.

What doesn’t it include?

Replacement of items that suffer normal wear and tear are not covered by Toyota Service Advantage (or generally any capped price servicing program.) This can include batteries, tyres, wiper blades or fuses.

Capped price servicing also doesn’t cover if you need crash or accident repairs to the body, chassis or driveline components; your insurance company usually covers you in that case (provided you didn’t cause the crash.)

Government, rental, fleet not for profit and Toyota Employee Family Vehicle Purchase vehicles are not available to claim Toyota Service Advantage at all.

There are also no refunds if you miss any scheduled services. However, Toyota recognises that it may not always be convenient to bring your car in for service exactly on the nominated date or kilometre interval. There is a grace period of up to 5 months or up to 7,500km after the nominated interval for you to bring your vehicle in. Your final service for some models can be claimed up to 48 months or up to 80,000km after the original warranty registration of your Toyota.

You may not feel like you need to come in for your scheduled service, but be careful – even if your car is running perfectly, if you choose to not service your car according to the scheduled intervals, something goes wrong and you make a claim under warranty, your claim may be refused if any faults or damage was caused by inadequate maintenance.

Motorama Toyota Moorooka Browns Plains Hillcrest Exchange Lifecycle Assessment LCA Trade When Best Time In New Used Demo Resale Resell Car Sales Specials

Why buy a vehicle with Toyota Service Advantage?

Apart from the benefits to your wallet, cars serviced under Toyota Service Advantage will often attract greater resale value when it comes time to pass it on. Buyers often look for dealer services because of the specialised facilities that authorised dealers can offer tailored to a specific model.

Because the capped price servicing is only available at authorised Toyota dealers, your logbooks will look very enticing for at least the first three years or up to 60,000km of scheduled services.

One of the benefits of Toyota Service Advantage is that if you want to sell your car within the capped price servicing period, any benefits carry across to the new owner. This may increase the resale value of your car; one of the major selling points for any potential buyer is the reassurance of capped price scheduled servicing, because Toyota Service Advantage is associated with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) rather than any owners.

Of course you can take your Toyota to any service centre outside of the capped price period, but you’ll have to know that you may alienate potential buyers by dropping down to random mechanics from an authorised dealer, who will question the quality of services offered outside of your capped price service period.

The team at Motorama Toyota are always happy to talk about Toyota Service Advantage, capped price servicing and what it means for you in purchasing a new or demonstrator Toyota. Contact the team and they’d be happy to discuss your options.