What’s cheaper? A Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid, Petrol or Diesel?

Never before have we, as consumers, had so much choice when it comes to deciding how we power our vehicles from A to B.

One particular car that offers some serious choice is the Mitsubishi Outlander. So, this is why we’ve decided to compare the Outlander PHEV Aspire, Outlander 4WD Aspire Petrol, and the Outlander 4WD Aspire Diesel models.

Hybrid and diesel models with their better fuel economy are said to have greater long term cost saving benefits. This is what our test will uncover.

These models have been chosen because of their similar list of standard options and AWD and 4WD drive types. It’s worth noting that the PHEV is only available as a 5-seat vehicle; the other models have 7 seats as standard.

So, what’s going to be cheaper? Let’s find out.

Round 1: Drive Away Prices

  • Hybrid - $54,990 RSP
  • Petrol - $44,485 RSP
  • Diesel - $49,485 RSP

There shouldn’t be any surprises here with both Diesel and Hybrid models asking more than their Petrol counterpart.

Round 2: Servicing Costs

All of the Outlander models fall under the Mitsubishi Capped Price Servicing program. This means that you know what your outlay is going to be before you purchase your car.

Over 3 years of ownership, and 60,000km’s below is the total cost of servicing each Outlander model:

  • Hybrid - $1,300
  • Petrol - $1,080
  • Diesel - $1,530

Despite the more complicated systems in the Hybrid, the Diesel is the most expensive to service as more filters for the diesel engine need to be replaced during each service.

Round 3: Fuel Economy

Fuel economy and the costs related to ensure the car is ready for the next drive is an incredibly important factor. While all of these Outlander models are quite good against their competitors, can the extremely fuel efficient PHEV Aspire come out ahead?

The ADR fuel economy figures can be seen below, and you’ll notice the PHEV’s incredible fuel economy:

  • Hybrid – 1.9L/100km
  • Petrol – 7.5L/100km
  • Diesel – 6.2/100km

Using a ULP price of $1.50 and a Diesel price of $1.59, over the three years with of ownership and 20,000km travelled each year, below is the total cost of refuelling each Outlander model:

  • Hybrid - $1,710
  • Petrol - $6,750
  • Diesel - $5,915

Thanks to impressive fuel economy, the Outlander PHEV Aspire manages to cost owners significantly less during the course of ownership.

It’s also worth noting that depending on your driving style, you could get away a significantly lower fuel bill each year than what’s shared here in the PHEV Aspire.

Bonus Round: Green Star Rating

One thing that you can’t measure with a dollar value is the impact that your car has on the environment. This is why the Australian Government has introduced the Green Vehicle Guide.

Three common measures from the Green Vehicle Guide can be seen below for each vehicle:


When it comes to determining a winner from a lowest overall price, it’s the Outlander Aspire Petrol coming in at $52,315 after factoring servicing and fuel costs. Overall the cost of running the car will be $7,831.

Coming in second place is the Outlander Aspire Diesel at $56,930. However, the actual cost of maintaining the vehicle was lower than the petrol coming in at $7,445.

Coming in as the most expensive, but the cheapest to maintain year to year, is the Outlander PHEV Aspire at $58,000. The significant fuel savings from the hybrid made this model cost just $3,010 to maintain.

The significant cost savings of the PHEV would only need another 12-18months to make back its higher drive away price. Plus, you can’t put a price on the positive environmental impact your driving of the PHEV will have.

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