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The low down on diesels

Welcome to the new era of diesel engines.

Early versions of the modern day diesel engine have been around since 1891, and were seen as quite the technical achievement. Unlike petrol engines of the day, they used a modern pressurised fuel injection systems and a very low compression ratio.

Diesel engines then found themselves in various machines including ships, submarines, and trucks, and up until very recently, diesels were seen as the ‘dirty’ alternative to petrol engines. Whilst not being popular in passenger vehicles, they were used in big trucks or machines.   That has all changed thanks to some great advancements in technology.

Today, diesel engines are becoming extremely popular because of their better fuel economy, lower impact on the environment, and surprising performance. All things that diesels weren’t able to claim 15 years ago, but today, you’d be hard pressed to not find a small hatch or sedan using diesel on a commute.

Plus, with lighter materials and better manufacturing processes, these new engines aren’t working as hard as they used to, and are causing less stress on the brakes, suspensions and bodywork. This is all because of lighter materials, technologies and fuel quality.

Notably, on the performance side, modern diesel engines are now able to use turbochargers and superchargers in a much smarter and efficient way. 

Add in better filters, and not only will you not see big plumes of black smoke, you’ll get big V8 performance from a much smaller and cheaper to run diesel engine. 

At Motorama, there’s a wide range of models that now offer petrol and diesel models in their line up. Some of these include the Holden Cruze, Mitsubishi ASX, Toyota Rav4, Nissan X-Trail, and the Kia Sportage.

If you’d like to see how far diesel engines have come for yourself, simply pop into any one of our dealerships in Moorooka, Browns Plains or Springwood for a test drive.