NRMA rates the Mitsubishi Mirage as the cheapest car to own and run!

When you’re looking to purchase a car, there’s always a number of considerations before making a decision, including the drive away price and whether or not if it suits your needs.

One often forgotten consideration is the associated cost to owning and running the car. When you are looking for a car to fit a tight budget, then this is where understanding these costs are particularly important.

NRMA investigated these costs in their NRMA 2013 Running Costs report, and found that the Mitsubishi Mirage is Australia’s cheapest car to own and run at $93 per week to run. Coming in at a close second, the Holden Barina Spark, that according to NRMA will cost just $96 per week to run.

The NRMA report considered the car’s Compulsary Third Party insurance cost, fuel, servicing, registration, maintenance, repairs, roadside membership and depreciation costs.  It was based on a driver who travels 15,000km annually over a period of five years. 

A contributor to the Mitsubishi Mirage being the cheapest car to own and run, Mitsubishi’s Diamond Advantage makes available some services that would be commonly found in more expensive cars. This includes a 5 Year Warranty, 1 Year of Diamond Advantage Roadside Assist, Capped Price Servicing and more. 

If you are looking to buy a vehicle, it’s important to consider more than just the upfront purchase price.  The everyday costs associated to owning and running the car every week is worth careful consideration.  

If you haven’t already, checked out our video review of the Mitsubishi Mirage here and you can see our latest offers on the Mirage range here. For more information on the NRMA 2013 Running Costs report, you can follow the link here.