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Motorama’s new models in 2015

With six global car brands, there is always a parade of brand new cars coming through Motorama’s doors.

2015 is an important year for all of our brands with local manufacturing starting to wind down for our three Australian built brands (Ford, Holden and Toyota) and significant model launches.

Our newest brand, Ford, is jumping straight out of the gate with the hotly anticipated Mustang, which already has people revved up; while more practically focused households will be waiting for the brand new Kia Carnival – a huge step forward from the current model.

Toyota’s last Australian-built Camry, as well as the first of Holden’s all-new imported lineup will go ahead this year.

Find all the cars expected to launch at Motorama in 2015 here.


Updates: Ranger
New models: Mondeo, Mustang, Everest

It’s the penultimate year the blue oval brand will make cars in Australia, and it’s making sure it goes out with a bang rather than a whisper.

Motorama New Ford Mustang 2015

Mentioned above, the Mustang is one of the most eagerly anticipated of the new model launches this year and should arrive towards the end of the year – rumours have it available for sale around October. Some customers have already put down deposits on the pony car, which has been whispered to start from around $50,000 though nothing is confirmed.

Motorama New Ford Mondeo 2015

A brand new Mondeo is tipped to be the first new model to launch, replacing the 7-year old current model. The executive sedan could be on Australian roads as soon as February, with pricing to stay around current figures.

Motorama Ford Ranger Moorooka New Cars

The Ford Ranger will be updated towards the end of the year; with leaked images (pictured above) suggesting that it’s design will mirror the Everest.

Motorama New Ford Everest 2015

The brand new, Australian-designed Ford Everest will round out the year, filling the gap in Ford’s range for a true-blue 4x4 off-roader. The Everest will appeal to families who want to go straight from the school run to a mud run


Updates: Cruze
New models: Astra VXR, Insignia, Cascada

Australia’s iconic dancing lion is also shutting (local) shop soon, and is bringing a host of new cars to show that it’s still committed to selling the cars that Australia wants, adapted to conditions that we face everyday.

Motorama New Holden Cruze Update Facelift 2015

The Holden Cruze update is already in showrooms, adding equipment and a new split grille. The 1.4L petrol and 2.0L diesel engines are now gone from the range as well.

In terms of new cars, Holden is coming back with two brand new models as well as an updated favourite.

Motorama New Holden Astra VXR 2015 New

The Holden Astra VXR will be back towards the middle of the year, sourced – as before – from GM’s European factories.

Motorama New Holden Cascada 2015

In terms of new cars, the mid-year launch for the Holden Cascada will bring a convertible to the brand for the first time in 8 years, while the Holden Insignia will fill the void in its range for a mid-size performance vehicle towards the end of 2015.

Motorama New Holden Vauxhall Insignia 2015


Updates: Prius C, Prius V, Aurion, Camry, Landcruiser (wagon), 86, Corolla Hatch
New Models: Hilux

Toyota will be looking to keep their place at the top of Australian sales charts with a busy year starting with facelifts to the Prius C in the first half of the year and Prius V and Aurion towards the middle of 2015. 

Motorama New Toyota Prius C 2015

The big news will be around the revised Camry as well as a brand new Toyota Hilux. 

Motorama New Toyota Prius V 2015

The final Camry to be built in Australia will arrive at the same time as the Aurion, mid-year, with pricing expected to remain the same. 

Motorama New Toyota Camry 2015

An all-new Hilux (pictured in camouflage, below) should be here at around September, and is expected to revitalise the unbreakable range.

Motorama New Toyota Hilux 2015

Throughout the year, expect a specification change to the 86, as well as tweaks to the wagon version of the Landcruiser and the hatch version of the Corolla.

Motorama New Toyota Fortuner 4Runner 2015

There are whispers of the launch of the Fortuner SUV, the spiritual successor to the 4Runner of old. Nothing has been confirmed by Toyota, however it was spied in the wild, testing with the Hilux.


Updates: Rio
New models: Carnival, Sorento, Optima

South Korea’s always improving brand has already rolled out an update to its baby Rio range to start what will be a busy year for the brand.

Motorama New Kia Rio 2015

A brand new Kia Carnival is expected very soon, replacing the 9-year old current model. The brand new shape will be constructed on a new chassis, to provide more legroom for passengers. Pricing is expected to remain close to current levels.

Motorama New Kia Carnival 2015

The all-new Kia Sorento is expected towards the middle of the year with new engines and a longer wheelbase to increase room and storage.

Motorama New Kia Sorento 2015

Rounding out the year, a brand new Kia Optima should be in showrooms towards Christmas and there are strong indications that it could come with a hybrid model.

Motorama New Kia Picanto 2015

There are also strong rumours that Kia could bring the city-car Picanto to Australia at the end of the year – but nothing has been confirmed.


Updates: Outlander, ASX
New Models: Triton, Challenger

Mitsubishi will be generating a lot of hype around its new Triton as well as a refresh for its Outlander range this year.

Motorama New Mitsubishi Outlander 2015

The Outlander (overseas model pictured in camouflage, above) will be facelifted in the first half of the year, to celebrate the middle of its lifecycle. The ASX will also receive a refresh around the same time.

Motorama New Mitsubishi Triton 2015

The fifth-generation Triton goes on sale towards the middle of the year, with specs to be confirmed closer to launch. Revisions to the engine are expected to bring a more sophisticated ride to the light commercial.

The next-generation Challenger is expected to finish the year strong for Mitsubishi.


Updates: Juke
New models: Navara, Murano

Nissan will have a big year with the launch of a brand new Navara, and styling tweaks to their Juke and Murano SUV ranges.

First, The Juke will get a style tweak in the first half of the year that will keep it making a bold statement on the road more than it already does.

Motorama New Nissan NP300 Navara 2015

The big news is around the brand new NP300 Navara that will replace the D40 and D22 models around April, with a softer look – but with all the capability of the current range. After the Navara, a new Nissan Murano will bring a revised exterior and a swag of interior updates.

Motorama New Nissan Murano 2015

(All models pictured are indicative only, some are overseas models and may vary from models delivered to Motorama.)

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