Motorama Pitstop: Lady Marmalade Café

There is something great about a breakfast or lunch spot that let’s you take five, relax and enjoy what you’re about to eat.

The Motorama Blog team, by the recommendation of, decided to check out Lady Marmalade Café  located in Stones Corner.   

After arriving and having relative ease in finding a car park, we reach Lady Marmalade, which sits on the corner of Logan Road and Cleveland Street. 

With mismatched furniture for the seating, collectable items instead of table numbers and enticing sandwiches in the window, there will be no trouble finding something to eat which will give you your fix. 

As for the clientele, there was a solid mix of casual business meetings; shoppers enjoying a break and lunch break takers indulging themselves in the sun. Whilst perfect for groups of up to four, groups larger than this might find the space a little to tight. Refreshingly we didn’t find any mainstream soft drinks in the fridge. 

Available are a great mix of smoothies, juices and our personal favorite: Ginger Beer. Our meals were finished as quickly as they arrived and our desserts were satisfyingly delicious. A bonus note about the meals is that they’re quite reasonably priced. Our pie, dessert and drink totaled $17. 


Why not jump in your car, take advantage of this beautiful weather we have in South East Queensland and explore your city! Lady Marmalade Café is open 7 days between 7am & 3pm. Closed Public Holidays.