One of the great things about buying a car from Motorama is that our service to you certainly doesn’t end here. It’s good to know what lies ahead with your investment and what options you have at different stages of the ownership cycle.

That's why we created something called a Lifecycle Check-Up. Our Lifecycle Specialists can flag future events including:

  • The end of your warranty, and the associated costs,
  • Capped price servicing program expiry,
  • Future service costs,
  • The best time to consider an upgrade.

In a quick, no obligation consultation, our Lifecycle Specialist can help give you specialised information prepared for you and your vehicle, at any stage of the ownership cycle. This information can help you to make a strategic decision on what to do next with your car.

What is Motorama's Lifecycle Check-Up?

As your car gets older, you might have a few questions about what's going to happen now that you're out of warranty. Our Lifecycle Check-Up answers a few of the most commonly asked questions.

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The Baird's Story

Des and Dorothy Baird traded their Corolla in after ten years, upgrading to a brand new Corolla Ascent Sport.

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Emily's Story

Emily has only ever owned Corolla's since getting her licence, and she was on the way into service her car at Motorama.

While she waited, she had a chat with an Lifecycle Specialist and ended up leaving her old Corolla behind and driving away in a brand new one!

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