Small Business and Fleet

Every business is unique and has different needs when it comes to operating a vehicle fleet across it's business.

The Motorama Group has the experience, capabilities and capacity to provide your business with a hassle-free fleet solutions - for either just a few vehicles through to a few hundred vehicles.


With a wide range of brands including Toyota, Holden, Ford, HSV, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Kia, we can tailor a business solution to meet your requirements and budget. 

We want to make it as convenient as we can for you, not what’s convenient for us, when it comes to finding your best solution.

Know who you’re speaking to

We employ experienced fleet specialists across all of our brands who take ownership of your business relationship. 

Don’t call a generic number and speak to just anybody.  At Motorama, your dedicated fleet consultant will assist you anytime, anywhere, to make sure your employees stay on the road in their Motorama vehicle.

Our fleet specialists have both a diverse range of experience and strong product knowledge, allowing them to genuinely focus on a whole of life solution for your business.

Servicing that works for you

Motorama recognises that motor vehicles are an essential tool of trade for the majority of our customers.  The need to take vehicles off the road to be serviced doesn’t just mean that you’re a vehicle down, it  also means you aren’t where you need to be for your customers. 

Motorama takes away the hassle and helps get you back on the road as soon as possible with a number of solutions, including mobile servicing and loan vehicles.

Factory Capped Priced Servicing is a growing area of the industry and is available across all of our brands, providing the benefits of cost certainty and ease of budgeting for eligible business customers.
At Motorama, our goal is to provide our business clients with hassle-free fleet solutions.  Contact us today.

Fleet Management

Motorama offers Fleet Management options to assist your business and employees in achieving effective financing and fleet management. Each solution is personally tailored to ensure that your fleet performs to its optimum at all times.

Integral to hassle free fleet management is peace of mind for your drivers. Motorama works with our fleet management business partners to offer a comprehensive 24-hour roadside assistance program in addition to a complete accident management program.

Further, fleet management solutions are able to include a proactive and reliable vehicle registration process plus comprehensive insurance for every car in your fleet.

Why Fleet Management at Motorama?

Simple.  It's hassle free! 

We have the full range of funding options, including Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Term Purchase (Commercial Hire Purchase), Novated Lease and Recharge Fleet Management, all covered by one Master Agreement. 

This allows you to choose a facility that best suits your specific requirements.